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Our Team

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Ben got involved with residential building as a high school student where he took classes in general construction and electrical wiring. He then worked at a plumbing supply shop and as a framer before leaving on a 2-year proselyting mission for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Upon returning from missionary service, Ben attended Brigham Young University and obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Construction Management while working part-time to gain industry experience.

After graduating in 2012, he moved to Las Cruces where he worked as a Superintendent and Purchasing Manager for a local builder.

In 2017 he launched Red Cliff Homes with a dream to serve the Las Cruces community.

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Luis Molina has almost 20 years experience in the construction industry. His passion is in designing new homes and overseeing the construction from beginning to end. He started off his construction journey framing homes during the day and designing them his spare time for local builders. His love and dedication to the industry have helped him climb the ladder. Luis now leads Red Cliff Homes as the Construction Manager and Lead Designer. He says "The payday for me is not every other Friday. It's when you see the house you built turned into a HOME. The satisfaction that comes from walking down the street that was once a bunch of empty lots turned into a community, for me, is priceless."

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Michael is a 17 year Sales professional and has been recognized as one of the top New Home Sales professionals in the country. He was the recipient of the NAHB National Sales "Rookie of the Year" for his performance in the new home industry in Southern New Mexico. This is the most prestigious award for a New Home Sales Professional coming into the industry from the NAHB because of its national scope. He is a voracious learner and is fully committed to improving his skills to better serve his customers, realtors, and Red Cliff Homes. He is also the recipient of the Top gun award from Hyland Bay and has been featured on Newhomesales.com, Builder radio, and SMI magazine. Michael is proud to serve as the Sales Director for Red Cliff Homes in Las Cruces N.M. He takes much pride in Directing his team, but you will often meet him at our model homes as his passion is on the floor with his team mentoring and in his community consulting.

Areas Serviced

Virginia Counties for building a modular home include: