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Custom modular homes in Rustburg built with you in mind.

Rustburg’s Professional Modular Home Experts

Building a new home in Rustburg comes with a wide range of choices. At one end, you’ve got the standard building process that involves hiring architects, structural engineers, and other high-priced experts. But if you want the unique feel of a custom home without all the expense, then a new modular home by Pro Tech Builder could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Pro Tech Builder specializes in crafting modular homes that are extremely energy efficient, which means you won’t just save money during the construction process – you’ll be putting dollars back in your pocket each and every month. Our Rustburg homes perform about 40% more efficiently than old-school constructions and have HERS ratings in the low 50’s. In addition, your home will be completely Energy Star certified.

Now, we could stop there, but Pro Tech Builder wants to give you a modular home in Rustburg that you’ll truly love. That’s why we have a number of energy options, including Geothermal and Solar PV for a Net Zero final product. Furthermore, we’re also well-versed in home automation and during our initial meeting, we’ll show you all the little touches we can add to make your new modular home more comfortable than you can imagine.

For a free consultation and modular home design meeting in Rustburg, give Pro Tech Builder a call at (434) 326-5023.